How to play

Academy is a turn based game. Each player draws a card, the card has a value ranging between 2 and 14. A beverage contains the amount of sips which have been chosen at the begining of the game (default: 14). Before a player can draw a card, the player has to be at the indicated value of their chosen beverage. If the player in question is not at the designated value of sips, the other players have to wait until the player in question is at the designated value. When the player is at the indicated value, one of the other players draws a card for the player. If the drawn card is an ace a new beverage has to be consumed. This will be timed. The timer starts when the player in question starts drinking and stops when the beverage is finished. There are many ways to win the game, the most common is winning in consuming most sips in the game, other ways are: to drink the most aces, to drink the fastest ace, to have the fastest average round time, etc..


The new academy is open source and the code can be found on github. Feel free to fork and contribute.

About the game

Idea & koncept by Ole Rahbek & Rasmus Kold and coded by Rasmus Kold.

Based on the original Academy coded by FUBR & Cramer.

Based on 2014-2019 academy coded by Asger Drewsen and Jonas Tranberg.


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